City: Stafford, UK
Venue: Bingley Hall
Date: May 29, 1977

This is an incredibly important show in Queen's history. Gearing up for the encore, the audience sing "You'll Never Walk Alone" to the band. This would inspire guitarist Brian May to write a song purely meant as a piece for audience participation - the result being a ditty entitled We Will Rock You.

Brian recalled the evening in a 2010 NPR interview: "The audience was responding hugely, and they were singing along with everything we did. I remember talking to Freddie about it. And I said, 'Obviously, we can no longer fight this. This has to be something which is part of our show and we have to embrace it, the fact that people want to participate - and, in fact, everything becomes a two-way process now. And we sort of looked at each other and went, 'Hmm. How interesting.'" Brian says he woke up the morning after the show with the "stomp-stomp-clap" idea in his head, but added that it wasn't included in the original song, a comment that suggests the embryo of the song had existed earlier than this.

Bingley audiences singing You'll Never Walk Alone at rock concerts was a regular occurrence. David Coverdale later recalled getting emotional when this happened at a Whitesnake show in 1981.

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